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Adding new Users to your System

Page history last edited by Chaks 13 years, 3 months ago


(the instructions also work with the LiveCD/DVD)


For the CD Version:




1) Open the START_HERE folder, and click on the  Add or Modify users:



2) it will ask for a password. Enter user

this will launch  the program to add or modify users in administrative mode

Click on New:




3) enter whatever name you want to use:




4) If you want to give your user administrator rights (it will make your life easier), in the Secondary Groups, after scanner, insert sudo and admin (don't forget the commas):




5)  Do NOT forget to enter a password for your user, select any password. 

When you login for the first time with this new user the system will require that you  change the password:



5) Click on Apply and OK:


Your user is all set... Have Fun!!!


For the DVD Version:

Go to the Launch Menu (in the lower left corner) and select KControl (KDE Control Center):

Then select System Administration:

Select User Management, and then Administrator Mode. It will ask for a Password, enter user

From here on it is the same procedure as with the CD, starting with step 2

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