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Copy Your Windows Fonts Into Klikit

Page history last edited by Ben 13 years, 5 months ago

How to transfer your Windows fonts to Klikit


If you dual boot, (Klikit and any version of Windows), your Windows fonts

can be easily moved across to your Klikit installation.


    1.  Just open KControl, Launch > KControl.  Once the control center window opens,

         in the left pane, click the System Administration icon.




    2.  The icons list in the left pane will change.  Click the Font Installer icon.  The

        Font Installer panel will open in the right pane.  At this point, you can choose

          to install the added fonts solely for your user account, or you can click the

          Administrator Mode button at the bottom, and enter your regular user pass-

          word if prompted, to make the fonts available to all users.



    3.  Click the Add Fonts button at the bottom of the right pane.




    4.  A file requester window will open.  Navigate to your windows drive, usually (C:), navigate to the windows/fonts

         folder, (Typically C: windows/Fonts or C: winnt/Fonts), and open it.




    5.  All of your Windows fonts will be displayed. Select the font or fonts you wish to import. 

         Note:  If you do not have Windows installed on your Klikit machine, all is not lost.  In the illus-

            tration below, you can see that I am copying the fonts from another computer on my network,

           which does have a Windows partition.  If you are running Windows in a virtual machine, you

           can also copy the fonts from there.  Just start your virtual machine, browse to the C: drive,

           locate and copy the fonts folder and paste it to a shared folder on your Klikit host, then from

           within the Fonts Installer, browse to the Klikit folder where you copied the fonts folder, and

           install them as described above.  You can also install fonts from a Windows program install

           CD, or copy the font folder from a Windows machine which is not connected to your network,

           to a CD or a flash drive, and install from the burned disk, or flash drive.  The installation

           procedure is the same, regardless of the source used.



    6.  You can simply select all the available fonts by clicking on the first one listed, then, holding

           down the Shift key, and clicking on the last one in the list, , or by holding down the Ctrl

           key and clicking on only the individual fonts you want, to highlight them, you can choose to

           install only certain ones.  Next, click the Open button.  A progress dialogue will open as

           shown below, and will indicate the progress as your new fonts are installed. You may be

           prompted for approval several times during the process, if duplicate files already exist.



    7.  You will see that your fonts have been transferred, and are listed in the Font Installer window.



     8.  That's it, you can exit KControl , and begin using your new fonts.  Note that any applications

            which were running during the font installation process will have to be restarted before they

            can utilize the new fonts.





If you are not dual booting but have some old windows applications lying around on CD

(eg desktop publishing, Microsoft Word or Works) you may find that they too have

a fonts folder that you can use. There are also many fonts available free or for purchase,

on the Internet. Any True-Type font should work. Font Installer will not accept any

type of font which will not work with Klikit, so if the Font Installer accepts a font, it

should install and work ok.  Just download the fonts you want to a folder on your hard

drive, then follow the above procedure to browse to that folder, select the fonts, and install



Addendum:  Redhat has done us a big favor and released a set of fonts to replace

the MS fonts. They can be found at:




Just download the tar file and unpack it. To install the fonts, browse to the folder

where the fonts were unpacked, and install them from there, using the procedure

outlined above.


Still not enough fonts for you?  Visit the following site for hundreds of free themed

fonts, fonts lifted from popular movies, comics, TV shows, games, and commercial

logos.  These are by far the nicest, most usable specialty fonts I have seen.  (See sample in illustration below.)







Still not enough fonts?  The betterfonts website has more than 10,000  fonts to choose from, all free for the downloading.  Check them out here:





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