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Copying Commercial Encrypted DVDs

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 Copying Encrypted DVD's Using K9copy


If you want to make back-up copies of your encrypted commercial DVD movies,

ala DVD Shrink on Windows, you will need to install k9copy, which is the

Linux equivalent.


Part 1: Installing k9copy from Synaptic Package Manager



To install k9copy, first, open Synaptic Package Manager.  (Launch > Daily Used >

Add or Remove programs)



Synaptic Package Manager will open.  Click the Search button in the toolbar.  In the Find window, enter

k9copy in the search field, and click the Search button at the bottom of the Find window, as illustrated below.



After a few seconds, the Synaptic window will refresh, and k9copy will be listed in the window.  Click the white

box to the left and select Mark for Installation, from the drop-down menu.



Now you will see that the white box is marked with a curved arrow, indicating that it is marked for installation. 

Click the Apply button in the toolbar, as depicted in the image below.



Depending on which packages you have installed previously, a small window may open with a list of libs, codecs, etc.,

which will also need to be installed.  If that occurs, just click the Mark button at the bottom of that window.  This will

insure that the required dependencies are also installed.  Now, the Summary window will open, with a list of the packages

to be installed.  Look it over, then click the Apply button at the bottom.



A new window, labeled Applying Changes will open, with a progress bar which will move from left to right

indicating installation progress.



Once the installation has finished, click the Close button at the bottom of the window.



That's it!  You can now close Synaptic Package Manager.  k9copy can now be found in the launch menu,

Launch > Multimedia > k9copy.  If you'd like to have an icon for k9copy on your desktop, right-click on it

in the menu, and select Add Item to Desktop.




Part 2: Copying a DVD Movie:

Disclaimer: This program can be used to copy DVD movies. If you plan to

use this software for the coping of commercial DVDs please be sure to apprise

yourself of the local copyright laws for your city, county, state,

province, country and municipality. The author of this guide assumes no

responsibility for any legal trouble due to the use of this

program/software. This article is being written after only using the

software several times. You may encounter various errors or problems

that I have yet to experience. Also not all copied DVDs work in all DVD

players. Please refer to the user manual for your dvd player for this

type of information. Not all blank DVDs are the same, some will work,

some won't. I have been using Memorex dvd-r(s) for my projects and have

not had any problems. Note: Some DVD burners support only the DVD+R

format, some support only the DVD-R format, while still others support both.

It is important to know which format or formats your own DVD burner supports,

and make sure you purchase blank disks compatible with the supported format.

If you attempt to burn data of any sort to an incompatible disk, the burn will fail.

Often-times the error messages you receive when the burn fails will not advise you

that you are using incompatible disks, so be sure to ascertain for yourself that you

have purchased the correct disks for your DVD burner.



1. Open k9copy. Pick out a DVD Movie to copy, and place it in your DVD drive. Note:

Crossover Office may auto-start when you insert the disk, attempting to install Windows

software which is included on many movie disks. If this happens, click Cancel at the bottom

of the Crossover Office window, to exit.


2. Click the blue file folder in the toolbar to open the movie or go to the File menu and select Open.

Either method works equally well.

3. After your Movie is opened place an X in the box next to Keep Original Menus. This option is half-way

down on the left side of the screen.


4. Select the language options you wish to use from the pane in the bottom left of the screen.


5. Click the Settings tab above the right pane and X the box for Auto Burn.


6. Select the drive or location you wish the movie to be copied to by selecting the Output Device and specifying

how you want to copy the DVD, i.e DVD-RW Drive, or ISO.


7. Last step, Copy your DVD. This is accomplished by clicking the blue gear icon in the toolbar, or by going to the Actions menu and

selecting Copy. The whole copying process can take over an hour so find something constructive to do while you wait. Also the copying

process tends to use a lot of system resources I recommend against using processor intensive programs while k9 is running.


Credit where it's due: Much of the information in this How-To is derived from original posts on Xandros Forums by SarahsDad, Spawn, and jimallyn. I gratefully acknowledge their very important contributions to this article.    papabearak



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