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Differences between CD (LE) and DVD Versions

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The DVD version comes with everything needed to do a complete installation.

With the CD (LE) Edition, the system will need to download from the web around 120 MB extra to finish the installation.

Differences between the CD (LE) and the DVD editions:

The following things are NOT included in the CD (LE) version:

* flash

* java

* quicktime

* w32codecs

* The Gimp and extras

* OpenOffice (the CD comes with KOffice) - When you install to HD it will install a base of OpenOffice

* Kompozer

* Games

* Akregator (RSS feed reader)

* Kasablanca (ftp client)

* Konversation (IRC Client)

* KTorrent (Bit torrent Client)

* Kaffeine

* KAudioCreator


* Kontact

* KArm

* Katapult

* KMouseTool

* Skim

* KDE Groupware Wizard

* Some development libraries

* linux-headers

* language packages (they are reinstalled during the HD installation)

* some fonts (mainly Arabian, African and Asiatic)

All these packages can be installed using APT or Synaptic (in the future it will be possible to install them using the Storehouse)

For flash, java, quicktime and the w32codecs use the wizards provided. You will find them in the START_HERE folder on the desktop:

Just click on any of the icons to launch the installer, it will provide you with information before proceding.

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