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Welcome to the Klikit wiki!

What is Klikit-Linux?


 Klikit-Linux is a non-formal project oriented on developing a modern, free, user-friendly and fun Linux desktopIt uses the well known, award winning KDE enviroment. It can run as a LIVE-CD on practically any PC (x86), and can be installed to your hard drive in just a few minutes.

 Klikit-Linux is based on the latest release of Kubuntu, taking advantages of many of its best features, and then adds its own touch, depending on the desires of the community. The release dates of Klikit-Linux will depend on the stability of the latest Kubuntu packages.

 Klikit-Linux comes with a collection of applications that will meet most of your daily computer needs, such as office, graphic, multimedia, and  internet work.

 Klikit-Linux is a true community-driven project. You and the community are,  and will always be,  the main voice behind any decision.


 Klikit-Linux is and always will be completely free, You will be able to use it, modify it, distribute it and do whatever you want with it. You will always have the freedom of choice.


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