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How to Install Google Earth Feisty 7decimal04

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Installing Google Earth in Klikit Feisty is VERY easy.


We at Klikit are doing a LOT of the instructions using screenshots, but I decided to do this with "stepwise" instructions so that "new people" can become familiarized with the Linux file structure.

Experienced people can skip down through it and just read the "short" version which is just A, B and C.




A) Go to Google Earth and download the package, Google Earth will automatically provide a Linux package:

Here is the linky:



Read around a little, go to the downloads link and it will download a file named: GoogleEarth Linux.bin to the desktop, (it will have a kind of "scroll" symbol on it).


B) When it is on the desktop click the "computer" icon and click "my home" folder:




Just drag it into the area(directory).


C) Click the little terminal "tv screen" down in the bar at the bottom(this is called "opening a terminal in Linuxy talk).

you will automatically see:


/home/woodsmoke $


this means that you are in the correct "working" directory.


Copy and paste this after the $ sign:


sudo sh ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin


The Linuxy way of writing that would be: $ sudo sh./GoogleEarthLinux.bin, but since you are already in the directory you leave the "$"(which means "string" in computing) off.


The installation will start, there will be a nice little color box asking you to install, you say yes.


Then you can choose where to install it in the system; however the default it chooses the "/opt/" directory:, and I recommend that you accept it.


It will then run.




D) How to make a menu item or place an icon on your desktop.


I am going to write this out "stepwise" and then also write out the "Linuxy" file structure way of saying it.


Here is how to find the proggy.


Go to "Computer" and click the "root folder" symbol.

You will see a variety of folders one of them being named "opt".

Click "opt".

Inside you will see a folder named "google-earth".

Click that folder.

Inside you will see a variety of things.

The most outstanding one is a "blue earth" that is labled "Google-Earth" desktop.  That is the icon you can use to place on the desktop.

You will also notice a "thing" that is, for me at least, an ivory colored "slab" with an ivory colored "scroll" on it.  It is labled "googleearth".

That is the "operative" part of the program and to what you will link the menu item.


If you look in the URL bar above you will see this: (folder picture) /opt/google-earth


The above is the "Linuxy way" of showing the file structure.


How to place a menu item for Google Earth.


Minimize this and go to the "Launch button"

Right Click the Launch button and you will see a menu item named "edit applications menu"

Click that.

You will see an interactive box.

Pick one of the folders into which you will place the menu item.  I chose "education"

Click it once, you may see other items, or not, but have the folder "highlighted".

Go up to "file" and click it and click "new item".

You will now see to the right a place within which to type a title of the menu item, and an interactive box will appear within which you type the name. click save and it is in the title box.

You can also "copy and paste" the Linuxy file structure, but we are going to use this to learn some file structure.

Go to the box a few down that says: "Command"...there is a file symbol next to it.

Click the file symbol and you will see:

A box labled KDE menu editor and in the top URL box you will see:


place the cursor to the right of the forward slash to the right of Documents and back space to the leftmost "/" forwardslash.

You will now see a "dropdown" menu of all the parts to the file system, if you "blue bar" down, you will see "opt".

Click "opt".

Hit the "enter key"

you will now see whatever poggys have installed in this folder and "google-earth"

Click that folder.

You now see the original folders and items that you found in our first foray into the file structure.

BE CAREFUL to find "googleearth" and you "should" see the little ivory "slab/scroll" that you saw earlier.

Click it ONCE to highlight it(otherwise you will RUN it) and then click ok.

You now see the file structure in "command".

Now go down to "workpath" and click the "folder"

You now see the same file structure as a "tree" you do not have to do anything except click OK.

Now go to file.

Click "Save".

You see a little "progress bar" in a box.

When it is finished close and go to the menu structure and you will see the google earth item.


NOTE: there will NOT be a symbol.

Placing a symbol is another chapter and is covered elsewhere.


How to place an icon on the desktop.


You "should" have not closed our original "file structure" from above, maximize it and you will see that BIG BLUE AND WHITE BALL that is labled "Google-Earth desktop"

Right click it and you will see an option "copy to".

Click it.

You should see as the bottom option: /home/woodsmoke/Desktop.

Click that and it will place the icon on the desktop.


Depending on the instructions in how to place menu items that are provided elsewhere in the Wiki I may come back and do a "stepwise" on how to place a pic on the menu item.


If you have questions, please ask them at the thread in "Newbies" at the forum.










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