How to set the screen resolution

How To Change The Screen Resolution In Klikit


Users familiar with Windows, will find that the procedure for setting your screen resolution in Klikit is very similar.


  1. Click the Launch button, and select Kcontrol from the launch menu.

In the left panel, select Peripherals.



    2.  A new list of options will appear in the left panel.  Select Monitor & Display.


    3.  The Monitor & Display panel will open in the right panel.  About midway in the Monitor & Display panel, you will see a slider labled Screen Size.  As in Windows, click on the slider arrow, and drag it to the left to decrease screen size, or to the right to increase it.  When you see the desired screen size showing below the slider, click Apply to save your settings and exit the Monitor & Display control.  Scroll down to view a screen shot of the Screen Size control.




    4.  That's all there is to it.    papabearak