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Installing and Enabling Emerald Themes under Compiz-Fusion

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This is for Gutsy version of Klikit for now

You will need to start Synaptic or whichever package manager you like to use, and make sure you have installed the latest version of Emerald and subversion you have available for your distribution.

Your next task is to find and download an assortment of themes that are available that fit the look you are trying for.

The following site and files is where you can acquire the some to use.

The following will download some (~30) emerald themes.

svn ls https://svn.generation.no/emerald-themes - From a terminal.

This will download and install the security key needed later to install these themes. When it asks, accept the certificate permanently.

You are now ready to import some or all of the ~30 themes stored there into Emerald.

The easiest way to run and use Compiz and Emerald is with the Fusion Icon program, if it is available in your distribution.

If you have the Fusion Icon running on your machine, you will see a small light blue box with a left facing diagonal arrow sitting in your task bar.

If not you will need to find it(Compiz Fusion Icon) in your startup menu or by searching your file system for the file(fusion-icon).

Right click this icon in your task bar with your mouse, and you should have a menu pop up that lists near the top of the menu 'Emerald Theme Manager'.

Select this and a window will appear shortly after on your screen.

Until you have installed more themes you will have no theme listed, but after you install the new themes they will appear on the list that is currently being displayed. As shown above, you can see some of the ones that are available.

You now need to select the Repositories tab, and select one of the two large buttons there; depending on if you want to install GPL or non-GPL themes.

Now it will access the site and download the themes that meet your selection.

Now if you click on the Themes tab you will see listed the new themes you have just installed.

You can also download and install individual themes from the following site;


Look under the Emerald Theme selection on the left side of the window, in the Artwork frame.

When you find a theme, you like; select and then download it following the steps below.

Select the bold font name of the theme; this will bring up a new information window that has comments and a download link for this theme. Please read the posted comments to make sure there is nothing wrong with the theme before you decide to use it. If you find nothing to keep you from wanting to download it then click the download button on the information screen for that theme. You will need to select to either save to disk or open with the Emerald Manager. However, after you click the download button another browser window should appear, and then a popup window will appear asking what you want to do with the downloaded file.

Either way you will have to import the file into the manager after loading. You may find it easier to have it set to use the manager, so that if you do not have it already open it will open it for you.

Then click the import button on the Themes window, and go to the /tmp directory, where you will find the file you have downloaded. On the other hand, if you have set your browser downloads to be saved to a certain directory, then you will need to navigate to that directory to find the file/s you have downloaded.


ls /tmp

84354-Tinted Glass v.0.3.emerald

You will select it with your mouse and then click the <Open> button.

If you now return to the Themes tab, you will find the new theme listed in the theme list now.

You are now ready to start using the themes you have installed.

Exit the theme manger, and right click the Fusion icon again to bring up the Compiz menu. Then move your pointer down to the <Select Window Decoration> Item and click on the Emerald check box to enable the use of Emerald for your Window decorations.

Now go up in the Compiz menu and click on the Emerald manager Selection again, to bring it up.

With the themes tab selected, you can click on each theme and it will apply it to your window borders, so that you can see what it looks like and decide if you like it and want to use.

When you find one you like you can just close the Emerald manager and it will continue using the one you have selected.


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