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Style Guide

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Wiki Style Guide 


Important note


This is the style guide for creating wiki pages.

Please be sure to adhere to it, as there are very important reasons for it.


Length of sentences


 Due to varying screen resolutions, please remember to keep sentences short.

 I just learned the hard way that the sidebar causes strange behaviors if sentences go too long.

 Remember, everything is much larger in 1024X768 resolution than it is in 1280X1024, and that is larger than 1600X1200.


 You will need to keep sentences no longer than this Ruler line I'm providing below:


If anything goes further than this line, it will make everything on the page begin below the sidebar!


Uniform Font sizes


Please adhere to the following rules for font sizes:


1.) Page headings - Large font

2.) Category headings - Medium Font

3.) Section headings - Small font

4.) Regular text - X-Small font

5.) Smaller fine print text - XX-Small Font


I cannot think of reasons for the use of the two extreme ends of the font sizes, but should something arise, Please use your

best judgement.



Font Colors



Please use red colors to indicate author warnings and important notes.

Please use blue for emphasis or to differentiate two section headings of the same level font size.

Please use bold for ALL headings of any kind!




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