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Updating with Zsync

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Using the zsync process to update your old klikit iso to reflect all the changes in the latest iso. The process should work when releases are jumped, e.g. updating from klikit-ff-0.1-5b to klikit-ff-0.1-7B should work correctly, however a downside to this might be the increase in the amount of data to be downloaded although this will still be less than the original iso download.


I will be checking this process when the cd version of 0.1-7B is released and also against the the revised Beta when it comes out.


The main reasons for using zsync to update your iso is in the amount of detail which needs to be downloaded.


Examples of the savings that have been achieved are:


Download for the update from 0.1-5b to 0.1-6F1 required approx 35% of the new dvd iso, approx 350MB against the full iso of 980MB

Download for the update from 0.1-6F1 to 0.1-7B required only 16.3% of the new dvd iso, approx 178MB against the full iso of 1074MB


I have detailed the steps below which I used to successfully convert a 0.1-5b.iso into an identical 0.1-6F1.iso. (identical to the original). This is a very simple process and requires minimal operator involvement. For future conversions only the version numbers will need to be changed.


In this list I have used the address of my own website which contains both the zsync and the 0.1-6F1.iso. The zsync file will be available on the New Release Download page for future releases.


 Step 1 - Install zsync using the Add Remove programs section - Search for zsync and install








Step 2 - This step is not specifically required but I like to be pretty precise about how I do things so that I know where to look when the job is done.


        a) Create a new directory (folder) called Klikit in the Downloads directory (folder)

        b) Copy the klikit-ff-0.1-5b.iso to this Klikit directory


Step 3 - Download the zsync file from http://www.rayblackwell.net/Klikit/klikit-ff-0.1-6F1.iso.zsync


  Note that the Klikit directory has a capital K when accessing my website only.


This file should also be transferred to the Klikit directory which should contain just the following 2 files.


1. klikit-ff-0.1-5b.iso

2. klikit-ff-0.1-6F1.iso.zsync




Step 4 - This is the command for the zsync process. I have used my website in this example but any other directory containing the 0.1-6F1.iso can be substituted.


This command should be run from the Klikit directory or wherever the 0.1-5b.iso and the zsync file have been saved


zsync -i klikit-ff-0.1-5b.iso klikit-ff-0.1-6F1.iso.zsync -u http://www.rayblackwell.net/Klikit/klikit-ff-0.1-6F1.iso


Note that the Klikit directory has a capital K when accessing data from my website only.


 The zsync process will commence by analysing the the 0.1-5b.iso against the zsync file and will show a completed message at approx 65.2%. The process will continue by downloading the remaining data from my website (or an alternate if you have amended the command line).




The screen above shows the initial zsync process which takes about 1minute. The second phase which is the download phase I deliberately failed by spelling the Klikit directory with a lowercase k.


When downloading is complete the checksums of the original and the created version will be compared and should match. The 0.1-6F1 iso which is created will now exist in the same directory as the 2 original files.




The resultant file klikit-ff-0.1-6F1.iso can now be burnt to dvd using K3B or your burner of choice. K3B will also generate the checksum for the iso which can be compared to the original checksum posted on the iso Download site.



This wiki page was contributed by Ray.




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