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Using DarkPlastic2 Theme

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Configuring and Using
the DarkPlastic2 theme


Go to the Launch Menu (in the lower left corner) and select KControl (KDE Control Center):


Then go to the Appearance & Themes section:


Go to Colors, and select Dark Plastic 2, then hit Apply.

Go to Style, and select Domino, then hit Apply.

Go to Window Decorations, and select Crystal

Go to the Buttons Tab and select  Vista, Kubuntu Dapper or Kubuntu Edgy/Feisty

Go to the Overlay Tab

On Overlay for Active Windows select Userdefined, click on the folder icon and select /opt/Klikit_Extras/Windeco/Crystal_DarkPlastic2/Active Window Overlay.png

Hit OK

Do the same for Overlay for Inactive Window, just select Inactive Window Overlay.png

Hit OK



Now go to your taskbar (kicker) , and right click on it, and select Unlock Panels


right click again on the taskbar (kicker) and select Configure Panel

Go to the Appearance section (select it on the left side)

Select Enable background image, click on the folder, and choose: /opt/Klikit_Extras/kbfx/panel_background/DarkPlastic2.png

Hit Apply and then OK



You are all set!!!


Once you finish it should look something likethe following screenshot (using the CrystalSVG icons):




If you want to go back to the "Klikit look"  launch again KControl, Go to the Appearance & Themes section, and select the following:


Colors: Polyester Blue

Icons: Breathless_Light

Style: Polyester

Window Decorations: Polyester


for the taskbar (kicker) select /usr/share/apps/kicker/wallpapers/default.png as the background image


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