Using Menu Editor to add or remove Launch Menu items

Sometimes, a newly installed application fails to add itself to your Launch > Applications Menu, or to create an icon you can use to launch the application.  If after installing a new program, you can find no entry for it in the Launch menu under the appropriate sub-heading, then you will need to add it to the menu manually.  Start by right-clicking on Launch, and selecting Menu Editor.  The KDE Menu Editor window will open.


     1.  In the left pane, click once on the appropriate category heading in the

          list, to select it.  (Choose the category under which you would like your

          new application to be listed.)



      2.  Click the blank paper icon in the toolbar. The New Item window will open. 

            Enter the name of your new program, and click OK.




      3.  In the right pane, in the Description field, type a description of the

           program's function. (this is optional).  No need to type anything in the

           Comment field.   


      4.  Just to the right of the Command field, click the blue folder button.




       5.  In the File Requester, navigate to the location where the executable for your

            new application has been saved.  (In Klikit, this is usually 

            /usr/bin/(program name) Click OK. 


      6.  The path displayed in the Command field should look like this: 

            /usr/bin/(program name)


      7.  Now, click the blank paper icon at the top of the right pane, to set an icon.  In the

              Select Icon window, scroll through the displayed icons, and select one appropriate

              to your application.  It does not need to have the same name as your application,

              just similar funtionality, so that when you see the icon on your desktop, it will remind

              you of the function the program performs.


     8.  In the right pane of the Menu Editor window, you will see that the blank paper icon

          has been replaced by the icon you selected.


     9.  You are nearly done!  Click the Floppy Disk icon in the Menu Editor toolbar to save

           your changes, and when the save is complete, close the menu editor.


      10.  Click Launch > Applications > (Selected Category), and You will see your

              new application at the top of the list.  If you want to put an icon on the desktop,

              right-click on the (Application Name) menu entry, and select Add Item To Desktop


               All done!   papabearak