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Please note that the links below will take you to existing articles on the Xandros Wiki.  Many of them can be copy & pasted intact into a new page on the Klikit Wiki.  Feel free to copy and paste any that seem germaine.  In most cases they will require some editing, and many of the screenshots will need to be replaced with shots taken from Klikit screens.  It will save a lot of typing, however.  If you decide to edit one of the articles listed, be sure to mark it in the list by adding a notation such as "in progress by papabearak", or something similar, so that others will know you are working on it, and will not waste time duplicating your efforts.  Once you have finished editing the article, and added it to the How to's list, be sure to delete it from the available topics list below.  Ben





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Using the Wiki



Installing Klikit



Customizing Klikit




Tweaking Klikit



Installing, Uninstalling, and Configuring Software





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Running Windows Software



Peripherals and Hardware Solutions



Backup and Restore



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